Sunday, June 30, 2013

Le Refuge

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High up at the end of the rock lane, up against the cliff face was Marie's cottage.  A bit further along the cliff face was our cottage...Le Refuge.  It literally was built into the cliff.  The last photo shows the dining area outside under the cliff.  The weather is so nearly perfect in Provence that this was the only dining area.  Even when it rained, it was shielded from the wetness by the overhang.  as you descended down the mountain from the Refuge, you would pass fields of lavender and vineyards.  I can see why it was used as a hiding place for the French resistance during the secluded yet you could access the two lane blacktop within about 15 minutes.  At night there was a path and stone steps to take you up above the overhang of the cliff and stand looking out over the Luberon's  with nothing above you but the billions of stars and a blinding bright full moon to light the path.  There were no city or even small town lights for miles so the brilliance of the milky way shown like I had never seen it before except a night we spent out of doors a few years back in the high desert around Sedona Arizona.

When I am in a place like this I always dream about what it would be like to live here while writing a novel.  Perfectly secluded and alone with your thoughts...I would love to try it sometime.



J Cosmo Newbery said...

Looks idyllic.

ADRIAN said...

It is a wonderful place.
Good to see you back.

Dan Felstead said... was!


Dan Felstead said...

Good to hear from you Adrian.