Thursday, July 4, 2013

Menerbes Towards the Dinner Hour

The village of Menerbes is not one of the hilltop villages of the Luberon Mountains that is often visited by tourists.  You can still drive up to Menerbes and talk to the residents, the shop owners or the local grocer and find out all the local "goings on" with the locals.  We would often head to Menerbes in the evening just before sunset at the dinner hour (8 to 10 pm local time) for a garden fresh salad and fresh seafood from the Mediterranean just an hour away.

At that time of the evening from the old walls of the village you can lookout over the the vineyards of Provence as they wind through the valleys of the Luberon bathed by the golden sunlight of Provence's perfect sunsets.  



Barbara/myth maker said...

These photographs are beautiful. The first one reminded me of an oil painting when I first looked at it.

dianne said...

Beautiful images dear Dan, it is lovely how the sunlight catches the golden stone of the house in the first picture.
Hope you are recovering and feeling well?
xoxoxo ♡

Dan Felstead said...

Diane and Barbara....thank you for the comments. In the early evening when the sun is setting you get the long shadows and golden sunlight. It is my favorite time to take pictures. The mood often matches my feelings at the time. I love that time of night.

And yes Diane....I am feeling better every day and now can say that I am glad to say that I had the the surgery!