Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On to Paris...City of Light

You can click on the image for better viewing.

After a tearful goodbye to Rene and Elizabeth in Provence, we left our oasis among the vineyards and hilltop villages of the  Luberon Mountains bound for Aix en Provence to catch the Bullet train direct into the heart of Paris.

We were embarking on the final 10 days of our journey so this part of the trip was bittersweet to be sure but the anticipation of 10 days in Paris overwhelmed our melancholy and filled us with a renewed energy.  The past 6 weeks had found us among the countryside and small villages of rural France melting into the culture and meeting the wonderful citizens who made us feel so at home.  But now we were ready to make the switch from serenity to the buzz and electricity of one of if not the most beautiful cities in the world - Paris.  4 hours via the 285 mile an hour bullet train and we would be there.

Upon arrival, we could feel the buzz of the city swirling around us.  The sounds of the city were a welcome change for us.  Our hotel pictured above was located in the heart of the latin quarter.  The first two pictures above were taken from our hotel room.  We were in the midst of typical Parisian architecture, so iconic....when you walk the streets of the Latin Quarter....you know you are in Paris.