Saturday, November 29, 2008

As I watched the baby Orangutan scurry about in it's habitat, I noticed a playful glance from time to time at it's mother. It must have been feeding time because mom disappeared through a doorway. The next glance from the baby was sheer panic. As if to say "where's mom"? The frantic search continued until mom appeared again through the doorway. The baby, overjoyed, toddled as fast as it's short little legs would take it back to the arm's of the mother, pulling to get as close as it could. It was at this point I caught the face of the baby engulfed in the arms of mom. The baby could not least I could not understand it. The look however communicated ever so clearly...."I am so glad you are back...don't ever leave me again".


Monica said...

What a beautful photograph and you truly captured the emotion. I came by way of Pictures, Poetry & Prose - where I saw another photograph of yours that moved me.


Dan Felstead said...

Thank you Monica for the kind words. And thank you for following the blog. I visited your photo site and you do beautiful work as well.


Laura Jayne said...

The moment this photo captured was pure magic. There is a true universality in that look. Amazing photo.

Simply Heather said...

Precious! Btw-I shared your blog, photo's and writings with my hubby the other day and he was touched by it all; as was I.

It's an awesome priveledge to enjoy your work.

Dan Felstead said...

Heather, Thank you for the comment. However, a blog would not be a blog without followers and visitors like you.