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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It was like watching old re-runs of "Our Gang". I stood on the opposite creek bank and watched from afar. I could only make out bits and pieces of the conversation such as "train robbery", "Butch" or "Sundance". All eyes were fixed on the leader. As he knelt by the fire, he gave each com padre their role in the upcoming heist. The muscle - far left, the front man - far right, the lookout headed up to the high ground - upper center and the con man bringing up the rear.

As the daylight began to fade, the motley crew vacated their hole in the wall, leaving echoes of childhood musings behind. Those echoes seemed so familiar to me. I was once in those shoes, making the plans and living out my childhood adventures as if the world depended on me.


nishaa said...

Amid all the differences that create barriers between people,there is what they call the Oneness of the Human Experience.This photo is part of that Oneness.Truly universal.

Thanks for sharing it.

Laura Jayne said...

There are moments in childhood that are magical. We all have shared them, for me you would have taken a picture of a tent made out of a sheet beneath the mulberry tree. But it would have been the same picture. Amazing image.

Dan Felstead said...

Nishaa and Laura Jane,

Both you and I said the same thing. We all have childhood memories that come to life when we see an image in which children are living out their adventures. It is truly part of the Human experience. Whether in Baghdad or Bangkok, Children are children. Some make a tent from Mom's sheet and some roll discarded bicycle wheels down an alleyway.

Simply Heather said...

You bring a tear to my eyes, Dan Felstead. Raising three boys, I have so often witnessed imagination again. I am a child at heart and can remember, quite vividly my childhood days. They were beautiful and fun, exploring and wonderous. Everything new seemed like such a gift. If only more adults could be carried away; allowing themselves to experience the wonder of childhood again.

Oh - that ape photo taken...I couldn't look at it for too long either. He looks like an intimidator.

Love your work, here. I'm so touched by it that I added myself as a follower. Thank you for your kind comment about the Crossing (P.P.P.).

Dan Felstead said...


Thank you for following the blog. I can tell by your avatar that you like children. I also like your poetry at your web page. I envy your talent. When I try to write poetry, It reads like a recipe for bean soup! Have a great Thanksgiving with the kids!