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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The patrons have left, the club owner is stacking chairs and sweeping up outside. Another night of soothing, mellow Jazz has permeated through the smoke and conversations of 8 or 9 couples, each searching for that table in the darkened corner reserved just for them. All the instruments have been packed up save one trombone which stands as a testament to the creativity that only Southern American Jazz can deliver.


nishaa said...

Beautiful photograph.

Its amazing to see how much that trombone contributes to the photo..Without it the photo would have conveyed a sense of Emptiness.An End.

But the trombone transforms
it into a photo that conveys so much.. of music that still lingers in the air..of conversations(finished,unfinished and the in-betweens)that still hang in the air..of a day that has come to an end but not quite!

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for the comment Nishaa. Very well put, it is the same sense I had when I took the picture.


Simply Heather said...

I look at this and think of my oldest son. You wonder why? This is his very first year playing an instrument at school and he has chosen the (du-du-du-du.....) trombone.

Such a simple instrument that really takes skill to play it; without any keys or buttons for sound arrangement, the slide and the way it's blown must be perfectly combined - or it sounds like an elephant in the house :o).

I'll have to show him this photo. He'll appreciate it very much.

{oh ~ He's learned to play it with grace; sounding much less like the elephant :o)}

Dan Felstead said...

I know what you mean. I also have a photo of a French Horn closeup with just the three plungers. I have never understood how beautiful music can come from a slide bar or just three plungers! It must take a lot of skill from the artist to make the music with so few controls available. If you send me an email offline at, I will send you the Trombone file so you can print it out for your son.