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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Your favorite coffeehouse. Off the beaten path, the one that leaves you wondering how they stay in business. But that is what makes it unique. It is the shelter from your daily noise, the one where just a few friends frequent at the end of the daily grind. The narrow doorway into the next room is darkened with just the last remaining light of the day filtering in. Earlier, the room was awash in the mellow strummings of a single Martin and a few patrons reading books they swear were put there just for them. The kind of books that they would not read anywhere just wouldn't fit. The music only ghostly echoes now, as the books left behind for another day and other patrons, seem to hold on to the orange sunlight for as long as they can. They draw their energy from the adoring readers. As the readers depart, the room darkens and the doors are locked. The books recoup for tomorrow and as the one book says, await their friend's return.


Simply Heather said...

oooh...Your last line there caused me to look up, and I see the little book waiting...

...nice, Dan. I want to go there, grab my most trusty book and a superbly made coffee; and just rest awhile.

~ thank you for the quiet moment :o)

Dan Felstead said...
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Dan Felstead said...

I love coffeehouses. When I saw the title to the book...:"I will wait for you", I knew I had to write about it because of the draw I feel towards these quiet, introspective places. Thanks for the comment.