Thursday, January 1, 2009

Paris, Sunday afternoon ....1970. Taken with an old film camera and processed from a scratchy negative. Strolling in one of the many parks in Paris, I noticed the old man sitting on the park bench. Not just sitting but lingering for a purpose. Was he waiting for someone? Was he just resting after a brisk walk? Was the poodle his? I feel sure that the poodle was his for there is a connection between the visitor and the dog...both looking to the other for direction. After the picture was taken, he walked out of site and I took his place. From his vantage point, I could see the winding trail into the heart of the city park beckoning me in, just as it had the visitor. I accepted the invitation and spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon in Paris.


Sacha van Straten said...

You should come back to France.

Paris is a train ride from the Loire Valley and I have so many places you'd love to photograph.

Enjoy playing with by the way. It's very addictive!

Happy New Year!


Dan Felstead said...

I envy you so is my dream to get back to Europe and England. I was a French major and that is why I spent some time in Europe so many years ago. I vow that I will get back before I die.