Saturday, January 3, 2009

Heavy snow today and crystal clear star filled sky tonight is the harbinger of a deep freeze. There will be activity in the water wheel mill throughout the night. The miller knows that if he doesn't keep the wheel turning all night it will freeze up only to thaw days down the road. This would be devastating to the families in the cove. No corn meal, no flour, no bread. In the morning the first family will arrive soon after daybreak to buy staples for the month. They will pass on appreciation to the miller for his vigilance at the old mill all night. This appreciation is enough to spur him on many more nights during the harsh winter, with the knowledge that he is helping the last remnants of mountain families hang on to their heritage as modern times encroach from every mountain pass.


Simply Heather said...

Very nice imagery. Your writing created an appreciation in my heart toward the miller.

Smiling softly...

Dan Felstead said...

In the early mountain communities, it seems that everyone had a job that related to the survival of the group and everyone else benefited from an individual's efforts. Nowadays, many times we don't even know our neighbors!