Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, after 4 days without electricity I think I am back and functioning! It has been a eye opening reminder of how we have become inexorably tied to the electric grid. However, once the shock wore off and the realization set in that we were going to live quite differently for a while...we were able begin to see the beautiful, quiet, serene woods that surrounds our house and studio. The studio is pictured here. Ice still on the trees...the ones that are still standing, it will be a while before the winter leaves us. TV and radio replaced by a warm fireplace and candlelight has been a treat overlooked until now...the electric is back but the fireplace and candlelight remain....TV and radio have not been turned back on. There is life after Oprah!


Karrie said...

Nice to have you back!!!!
I missed your pictures and wonderful calming words.
Must have been strange living without all the electronics and lights. My 3 yr old would freak without his spongebob and Icarly...LOL

Simply Heather said...

The studio? This is the studio? WOW...and is that a very large dog that I see sitting just to the side of the photo?

This is a beautiful picture...a place that invites you in to calm a while.

I totally understand ice damagine storms. Living in VT, we experience atleast one each winter season; between wind and ice it gets a little wild here.

Glad to hear that you and your wife are well, also that you found contentment without the electricity whirring ;o). I often think of that...we'll be putting in a wood stove for our primary heat next year. This also makes us able to cook and have a bit of light...for those times that the electricity does go out.

I was once very pregnant (7mos.) when we lost electricity for a day and then our furnace went. It was an experience for sure...four of us bundled into a full size bed just to keep warm.

Good to have you back ~

Anonymous said...

Your picture looks like a postcard. Very lovely. I hate snow/ice but I love to look at it in pics of course. Yes, electricity is a beautiful thing. I've experienced a few black outs myself. Welcome back :)

Laura Jayne said...

Glad you are safe, and I have to say it sounds beautifully romantic. Well, for a day maybe, more than that sounds cold.

Dan Felstead said...

Thank yo for the kind words to everyone...I want to apologize to every one who has commented. I always like to respond to each one but his week has been a mess! I am still having intermittent internet problems from the ices storm. So while I can grab a a minute on line connected I wanted to thank you all for the comments and hopefully I will be back online full time next week!


tony said...

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