Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've walked by them dozens of times since the first overnight frost in October that effectively brought death and and end to the season. They have always been a means to an end...a utilitarian tool...nothing more. They are the skeletons that form in the Spring and support life throughout the Summer.

After the ice storm, at Wednesday's first light, they caught my eye. Transformed by nature from a discarded seasonal tool to exquisite ice sculptures glistening in the sun. The tomato cages that give structure to young tomato plants each Spring. I saw them again as never before...knowing that even something as mundane as twisted wire has a beauty all it's own when seen in the right light.

The next time you need a "stimulus package"...walk out in your backyard or in the space between houses or that grove of trees that you always wanted to explore but never took the time. You will find something that you have seen dozens of times and passed it by...but today with close inspection, you will see a new beauty that will carry you through the day. I am headed to that grove of trees this morning.


Simply Heather said...

Oh Dan...this is spectacular! I was wondering what this object was that the ice had formed so beautifully on.

I totally agree with the wonders that remain right before us. A simple walk can open our eyes. I'm glad that you share your eyes with us, Dan. Thank you.


Dan Felstead said...


Thank yo for your kind words on this and the other images recently. It is a real treat to be back on line even though it is sporadic...still having ice storm problems with the internet. I have hardly been online this week at all but intend to get back to it next week. While it has been a the same time it was truly beautiful. It was the worst ice storm in this part of the Midwest...ever. For you Vermont folks this is probably normal winter! But for a Southern Indiana guy....WOW!


Sunny said...

These're lovely winter landscapes! There's no snow around here, so you're the one to create winter atmosphere. Thank you.