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Monday, February 23, 2009

During my time spent in New York City, the newsstand came to be a point of refuge, not only for me but to the everyday patrons as they passed by on their way to work. A gathering place, a point of a brief conversations and connections with humanity one on one before stepping back into the flow of the crowded sidewalk just out of view.

Stepping off the treadmill into the momentary seclusion of the newsstand, the regulars would pick up the Times or the Journal to read on their commute back to Jersey City perhaps via PATH, the regional commuter rail system. Seeing the regular stop by, the owner would venture out from his warm abode...out past the plastic portal and warmly greet his daily visitor.

Even in the crowed urban landscape of today, we still treasure those one on one connections...whether it is the person on the subway that you see each day...same time -same place, the street vendor you pass by and he is there rain or shine, or the doorman that welcomes you home each night.


Sunny said...

You're so right about people, whom we don't know, but meet on a regular basis in the streets

Dan Felstead said...

I used to be in the travel business and had phone contacts at the airlines. I talked to them several times a day on a daily basis and developed friendships with them. Sometimes I would meet theperson I had been talking to for months at a national meeting or other travel related meetings and It was always interesting to see how closely my minds eye would match the reality of the person. Sometimes I was correct and other I was way off base!


Lynda Lehmann said...

A very good observation and commentary, Dan, and I like your photo a lot! :)

I think we need those quiet moments out of the mainstream, "seclusion" as you put it, to keep a sense of who we are.

Wonderful, poignant post that makes me feel nostalgia for remembered quiet moments.

Dan Felstead said...

Lynda, Thanks for your comment. You may well know this news stand. There is a deli called the 55th Street Deli and it is just to the right of it on the sidewalk.


Lynda Lehmann said...

Dan,I live on Long Island so I don't know the city as well as I would like to.

It's so interesting to think about the evocative qualities of newsstands. They seem to be a great subject for metaphor.

Again, I enjoyed your post!

Dan Felstead said... comment shows my Midwest upbringing! You know the one about the person (me) who finds out you are from an area of about 8 million people and asks...Do you know so and so? Live and Learn.


Lynda Lehmann said...

Not to worry, Dan, we all do the same thing. We like connections.

Everytime I meet someone and tell them I'm an artist, they ask me if I know this or that artist who paints this or that in wherever. As if there are not gadzillions of us!

Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I have not been able to finish my responses yet. Groceries to put away, bills to write, a spider on the floor whom I must kill or put outside. You know the drill...

Lynda Lehmann said...

PS - Midwestern is good. Often wish I lived there!