Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On January 18th, I posted an image of a house taken one summer evening in Seward, Alaska. This picture was taken later that same evening. It was truly an magical night with the fog, the silence, the slight breeze off the bay. These types of nights are not replicated often during a lifetime. I suppose that is what makes them so special. I'm quite sure that you have these same types of nights tucked away in your memory as well. Unpack them ever so often and relive the moment...it calms the spirit.


spread your wings said...

this photo is amazing - i can see why you say magical.

thanks for stopping by our blog. but i hope you'll stop by again - i'm kind of embarrassed that was the first post of ours that you saw - it was one of my least favorites.

Dan Felstead said...

I will stop back by...thanks for leaving a comment and I do truly like your photography as well.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Beautiful. For some reason I suspect all the women inside are wearing cotton bonnets.

Simply Heather said...

Oh, most definately. These moments are a gift, as you've said.

Do you know that I truly appreciate you, Dan? I hope so. I am always blessed by your words of encouragement; know that.

I absolutely love this photo; with the White Cross and the colors. It's perfect.

Sunny said...

the church seems to be part of the landscape and seems to have been there for ages.

Dan Felstead said...

J...you are always using that creative mind! Actually it would fit!


Dan Felstead said...

Heather I think we often overlook the daily small gifts we receive..they are there, just often go noticed.


Dan Felstead said...


That is a great observation and actually it gave me an idea about my next post..another church in a totally different environment but is also "part of the landscape". Thanks for the idea.