Friday, March 13, 2009

Facades whether they are store fronts, homes, or public buildings have always fascinated me. They say so much about the people that reside within. I feel I know them even though we have never met. This image is part of the Facade series. Your chance to imagine with me who lives or works inside.

Has the owner just returned from Paris or Cologne? This person could undoubtedly raise the spirits. The colors chosen suggests an Easter morning, the first hint of warmth and the anticipation of searching for hidden treasures in the yet uncut grass. I'm guessing that his/her true vocation is that of a counselor. The type of person that when you around them, you just feel better. This person would make a great neighbor.


boneman said...

Ah yes! The bright colored clothes!
(much warmer than the previous snows)
How easily you take us
To Spring in a fast bus!
You have a knack for finding the good photos!

boneman said...

(oh...yes. I was visiting Henry this morning)

Kathleen said...

I love this picture. It makes we want to go shopping, or put on an Easter dress and Easter bonnet, or eat rainbow sherbet.

Dan Felstead said...

During this "in between" weather, I would take Easter or sherbet anytime!

I wish it were warm enough want that sherbet just to cool off a bit!