Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I believe that the first today of Spring is this Friday the 20th. In the Midwest, the greens are beginning to pop through the brown underbrush and reach as far as they can towards the warmth of the strengthening sun. The sky remains trapped between Winter and Spring but the occasional deep blue is beginning to overtake the multi layered clouds of March. The glorious rebirth of Dogwoods and Queen Ann's Lace is about to begin! None too soon.


boneman said...

I think I've not seem Spring yet in my dreams,
But it helps to see your photos.
And my rhymes and rhythms (or so it seems)
need me to push the grindstone again to my nose.

I shall, wait! Wait! Is it seventy outside, now?
Ah, yes, but only for fleetingly short bits.
Though I dare not complain as the dogs and the cow
go out in the cold to take their business.

(Well, you didn't think that I would be missive?
Use foul language, no matter how warm or cold?
Nah! And it doesn't matter if you're even permissive.
Though, I'm not sure if that is a real word, `less told.)

Dan Felstead said...

This "between" season thing is frustrating indeed. 70 one day and 560 the next...let's just do 70 year round. I'm not crazy about the 98 degrees in July either.


Simply Heather said...

So exciting...I am just waiting for my precious big bellied Robin's...that is my cue for Spring to come :o).

I was certain that I left a comment on your puppy post...but I must've lacked time or been interrupted (that happens a lot).

Both photos are wonderful. Your sweet lovey pup looks like an oil painting.

Dan Felstead said...

Now that you have that new camera...you can take a picture of the robin and send it to me! I would love to see it because you are right...Robins are a sure sign of Spring!
Scooter acts like a puppy but she is actually 6 years old. However, she is one of those dogs that will always be puppy...that's just Scooter!


Dani said...

Oh I am excited for Spring! The last time I got excited about the warmer whether, it dumped 2 feet of snow on me again, though. So I'm trying not to get too excited and scare poor Spring off again. :) I am also excited because my orchid in the window is going to bloom soon. Oooo....anticipation. Actually. I think I'll snap a picture of it for Golden Tears of Joy. :)

_we_the_pieces_ said...

Today it was more like summer...
is that a flower or a dandelion?
i can't tell and the picture won't load when i click on it.
I wish that there was some sort of difference between winter and spring here...

Dan Felstead said...

The image is Queen Ann's Lace...here is a definition:
"Queen Anne's Lace is the wild progenitor of our carrot. Although native to the Old World, these white lacy umbels are a familiar sight in the United States and Canada."

Your other comment concerning the change of seasons...I would love to live in California but I would miss the change of seasons as well.


Dan Felstead said...

I consider myself lucky in this "in between" season after reading your comment! At least when our weather teeters back and forth we don't get 2 feet of snow dumped on us! I thought the 3 or 4 inches of heavy snow was bad....


Sunny said...

An interesting thing about the photo is that this plant is usually assosiated here with mid summer rather than early spring.

The photograph is beautiful!

Dan Felstead said...


It is March 25th and I am beginning to see Queen Ann's Lace in the fields.