Saturday, April 25, 2009

Central Park is an oasis at the northern end of Manhattan. City planners know that as cities grow and become densely populated, it is necessary to provide outlets of sanity to escape to. Intriguing and exhilarating as it is to browse the shops on 5th avenue or feel the electricity in the air of Wall Street...the escape to Central Park to just observe the masses is most satisfying to this visitor. In this oasis, the New Yorkers shed their hurried lives and share a walk with friends away from the hectic streets of the city. The park is beautiful and allows one to experience nature with the backdrop of the city looking on from a distance. Not often does one experience the stark contrast of serenity and urban excitement at once as one does in New York.


Dani said...

I think that would be a wonderful place to visit. Looks beautiful.

Dan Felstead said...


Ilove New York. It is unlike any other large metro area I have ever visited.


Simply Heather said...

This is an unreal and amazing photo, Dan (obviously real). I like your soft touches.

Dan Felstead said...

I often use a soft focus technique on my photos. I think it gives a warmth to the image. For some subjects this would not work but I think it does for this one. Thanks for the comment.