Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amidst the sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms and the busy humming of spring bees stands an old brick house on Church street.

The house has been painted several different colors over the years perhaps by different owners but the present owner enjoys both privacy and beauty. Windows shuttered and blinds pulled to give the appearance of emptiness within. Recluse, though the owner may be, he certainly has a need to be noticed. His yard is beautifully kept with small pathways winding through the ground cover, now spread over the entire area within the fence.

If his inner beauty even somewhat approaches the outer beauty, he would have many friends to help in the yard...if only he would let them in.


shabby girl said...

He vants to be alone, dahlink.
You have such a great eye for framing your pictures. Just beautiful Dan!

Cynthia said...

Amazing! Breath-taking. I love the pink "frame", too.

Dan Felstead said...

I guess I am being hypocritical about this guy...If i lived alone in this house..I would want my privacy also...yet I want him to come out!


Dan Felstead said...


This whole area where the picture was taken was awash with Cherry blossoms and was beautiful.