Monday, May 4, 2009

I have thought about the exhilaration I feel when I breathe in the salty ocean air, the beauty of the high dessert in spring, the freedom I feel when looking out over the endless prairies of the Midwest but, not speaking for anyone else, I must at some point before I leave this in the mountains.

I stood captivated looking through the viewfinder. Seeing the house accompanied by only sounds of birds and the occasional rustling of leaves here and there. Off in the distance was the crisp multi-layered unending rush of stream water over the rocks. Taking the picture from the darkness of the thick canopy, I felt like a voyeur of sorts. Once out into the open where the house stood, the trees opened up to nothing but a robin egg sky. Whoever, built this house so many years ago must have surely shared my love of nature.

Later I read about this house...built in the early 1900' was a Sears and Roebuck kit! In the early days of Sears and Roebuck...they actually did offer house kits though the catalog. True to Sears's early mission statement: Simple, affordable and available to all. I am guessing that if Sears would have stayed true to it's original mission statement, they might still be a force to reckon with. Just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house - I would love to live there!

I was cracking up at your comment, I posted about the bird because it was funny, although I was upset, I hate seeing dead animals on the side of the road, and I was really upset about looking at it on the hood of the car.

Sometimes, you have to laugh. Or else, you'll go crazy. :)

Glad to know my blog friends support me!


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for stopping by Jen.


boneman said...

I think that I so rarely see,
a house as pretty as that by the tree.
And sitting there with it's doors, three,
folks inside hope it doesn't get windy.
Else everyone inside will be squashed flat as lard pressed in fine crust before it's baked, which is fairly flat, you see....


Cynthia said...

My goal, too. Since I was born and raised in the mountains, I miss them so. The connection for me is amazing.
This house is beautiful. Your writing brings this scene to life.
I think that I will hold this image in my tired brain for the remainder of the evening. So peaceful.
Word Verification: cryons

Dan Felstead said...

I noticed as well that there are only doors in the front with no windows??? In the back however, there is a summer kitchen attached with windows.

Dan Felstead said...

I had the same feeling from the house and the area in which it stood. It is funny how the word verifications often match our post or our mood!


Dan Felstead said...
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shabby girl said...

I, too, have lived many different places, and probably the best is in the mountains, close to the ocean!
What I learned about living in the mountains is to make sure the house is not under the trees! Winter can wreak havoc!
Lovely post, as always!

Dan Felstead said...

Shabby girl...great observation. It makes sense then that this house was built in the clearing.