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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dodge...Chevrolet and Honda....Sadly 2 of the three are now history.

We have been "jonesing" all week for the cars of the past. As I look back at the pictures I have posted thus far...only the Mercury (first post with the chrome bumper) and the Ford roadster and the Honda bike are from companies still in business. Even after re-organization, no matter how much spin they put on it...these companies will never produce cars as they have in the past. So now more than ever, when we see a classic car like the Oldsmobile...we are truly looking at a slice of Americana that our chldren will have only heard about through stories told by their grandparents.

The blue Dodge with it's hood wings up reminded me of an Xwing fighter from Star Wars. During the 50's and 60's the car designs were all about fins, chrome and gawdy sci-fi rocket lights. The America of that time was looking towards space and dreaming what it might be like to put a man on the moon. Sputnik was spinning around our blue home already.

Also the symbol of American dominance of the auto industry was exemplified in the Hood Ornament. These heavy, statuesque power symbols of Eagles and mythilogical figures stood proudly on the hoods of the Cadillacs, Pontiacs and all the other Status cars of that time.

Today, with the cost of oil ever on the rise...Motorcycles have made a strong comeback. Harley Davidson, Yamaha and Honda bikes are more popular than ever and have now become not only symbols of independence and non confomity but symbols of a practical lifestyle as well.

Playing on the Ipods of these might be:

Theme from Star Wars
Hey Little Honda
The Godfather Part Two Soundtrack
Born to be Wild
Hey, Mr. Spaceman (The Byrds)
Eight Miles High
Soundtrack from the Altamont Speedway Concert (Google it!)

Playing on the DVD player:
Easy Rider
Return of the Jedi
Tucker (Google it!)
Days of Thunder
American Graffiti

Last known Tweet from Twitter:
"that's one small step by man and one giant leap by mankind@outer"


septembermom said...

You're giving my husband plenty to admire after a hard day's work! Love this photo series. The top one looks especially cool. Vroom!

Dan Felstead said...

I am so glad your husband could make it! Now...go buy him one of these...for all of us guys out here dreaming!


Patty said...

Great car series. Love all those colors. My husband has a 2007 HD Soft Tail. I have a Honda scooter. Maybe I will chrome it up. Heehe.

Sandy K. said...

Great shots - I love the color and angles. Cars have so much personality...I see you're great capturing it. I'm aching to get to a car show and use my wide-angle lens. It works wonder on vintage aircraft.

Dan Felstead said...


I have learned so much from the comments on the blog. Whenever there is a term like "Honda Softail" that I don't know..I Google and learn! Looks like a nice bike! And yes...a chrome laden scooter may be a bit over the top but ...hey ...isn't that what these cars are all about?


Dan Felstead said...

I would think that vintage aircraft would have the same appeal photographically as vintage cars...bright custom colors and sweeping angles etc. Wide angle would be a nice touch here.