Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Surfs Up!

I got my drivers license in 1965 (don't do the math!).

The hottest thing going were flames...wild bright flames coming out of the engine onto the hood and trailing back to the exhaust pipes! There was always the loud tinny AM radio blaring the Beach boys, Jan and Dean, and the beginnings of protest music by Bob Dylan. I always had my skateboard in the back seat along with my Hiratchi sandals and an extra Madras shirt! Even then I had my camera...the cutting edge Polaroid Shooter. Man was I cool. My whole existence was all about summer, the beach, dances and oh yeah...WOMEN...actually girls at that point!

The carefree freedom of those summers sustains me even today. The surfing summers lasted for about 3 years for me as they faded into the summers of protest and into college...late 60's and early 70's. The innocence of that time sadly gave way to the trials of war, black panthers, weather underground, and anarchy. What a contrast from just a few years before.

Different times for a different post.

On my Ipod play list hooked in to the AM radio was:

Little Deuce Coup
Little GTO
Barbara Ann
Help Me Rhonda
California Dreamin
This is dedicated to the one I love
Dead man's Curve
Surfin USA
Louie Louie
Wooly Bully
The entire Beatles Discology
I can't get no Satisfaction
Paradise Summer
(Funny...these songs are still on my play list!)

On my DVD Player was:

The Graduate
Midnight Cowboy (The one I had to sneak out to!)
Breakfast at Tiffany's
To Sir with Love
In the Heat of the Night
The Love Bug

My last known Tweet from Twitter:
"8:00pm at The Parkway Drive-in...be there or be square@DualCarb.com"


Heather said...

That car is SHARP! I would love to drive around in that one for awhile.

And Dan.. you have no idea how badly I want to learn to surf. I met an older gentleman at the beach this past winter (I was there for a work conference.. not for fun) and he assured me that if I came back this summer he'd teach me. He works at the hotel our conference was at, so he'd be fairly easy to find. I'm just not sure I have the balance or coordination to learn!

And the Beatles? Breakfast at Tiffany's? *sigh* Two of my favorites :)

Dan Felstead said...

With your taste in music and movies...you were born a few years to late! Anyway I am glad you are enjoying the posts! Hang Ten Dude.

How are your plans for Yellowstone going?


jblack designs said...

Love those photos. Amazing.

And the memories, too. We seem to be in a similar loop. Is it summer?

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes...I am so glad that summer is here. When you said ...is it Summer...I had a flashback to February of this year when we were out of electricity for 5 days due to 3 inches of ice. Thankfully it was only a short flashback!


Cynthia L. H. said...

Fun post, Dan! It doesn't have to be ALL about testosterone...
Chickz love Cool Carz, too!
(And you music playlists...I was reading your last few posts from today downward, and then I found the explanation...I thought you were listing your favorites and I was thinking, "Cool! These are my favorites, too!"

Dan Felstead said...


Actually...they are my favorites...while writing the post...I am browsing my play list on my Ipod!


septembermom said...

Very cool! Those cars just scream, "Drive me already!" Great pictures.

Dan Felstead said...


They DO scream Drive Me! I would like to comply!


Heather said...

Plans are coming along nicely. We moved it back a week, due to waiting too long to buy plane tickets at a reasonable rate - so we're leaving on the 22 and coming back on the 28. Flying into Billings, MT, and working our way through the park throughout the week - hopefully making it down to Jackson Hole and the Tetons. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I feel like a kid at Christmas! :)

And I've often heard that I was born in the wrong decade... guess my parents just had good taste in music and they passed it on to me!

Dan Felstead said...

Heather...sounds great...have a safe trip. I have heard the Tetons are a beautiful sight to behold!