Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cynthia...1957 is your lucky number!

Congratulations ere the first today with the right answer! So one of my photos of your choice will be Oklahoma bound. Just email me at with your choice and shipping address and I will get it in the mail. Thanks for participating!

A BIG THANKS to all who visited and participated in the contest for the last 4 days...I had fun and hope you did as well...let's do it next year. I am going to post two more days of early photo postings then back to the normal drill. I think I am approaching overkill on the celebrating the anniversary! I have probably milked this thing for all it's worth!
Thanks again,

King of the Road!

I posted this on Simply Heather's Photo Blog on Saturday after the car show but wanted to re-post here for this week.

Heather mentioned that it looked like this car was smirking! Indeed it is. For this 1957 Oldsmobile Rocket was the king of the road in those days...nothing more bawdy and nothing more 1950's than this piece of Americana.

America took to the open road in the 50's. Gas was cheap, highways were being built everywhere and the family vacation was on the move. The most famous of the treks was highway east-west two lane that catered to America on the road. Along route 66 you could see plaster dinosaurs...a must to have your picture taken in it's mouth, a restaurant shaped like a huge teapot, Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox the size of a school bus, and the creation of could actually order food and eat in your car...WOW...the wonders of high technology! This was a time of carefree America at peace after the World War and Korea. What better way to forget those horrors than to take to the road on a family vacation. The '57 Olds was the car to do in.

On the drivers Ipod Playlist:

The Frank Sinatra Discology
Best of Tony Bennett
One eyed one horned Flying purple people eater
Hello Mother, Hello Father...Here I am at Camp Granada
They're coming to take me away HA HA
You aint nothing but a hound dog
Heartbreak Hotel
Rock around the clock
Blue Suede Shoes
Johnny B. Goode

Showing on the DVD Player:

The Wild Ones
On the Waterfront
Chevy Chase's "Vacation"
Cat on a hot tin Roof
The day the Earth Stood Still (Black and white original version)
Ben Hur

Last know tweet from Twitter:

"Just saw the funniest Burma Shave signs yet! @Big"

See you at the Drive in Movie tonight!



Simply Heather said...

It's "our" blog, by the way :)

I love this car!!!

And - I laughed right out loud when I saw..."They're coming to take me away, ha-ha."

I think I'm going to like this week of cars, yes...I am.

Anonymous said...

Heather has such a fabulous perspective - I can see the car's smirk now that she pointed it out!

Your comment on my photo of made my day, quite possibly my week.
If a master photographer like you likes some of my photos, then I must be doing something right. :)

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks is fun to take a break from the more serious photos and just have fun for a week...I am having a blast doing the ipod playlists!


Dan Felstead said...

Yes I saw the smirk as soon as she pointed it out! I really did like your picture of Jacks.


A Scattering said...

I don't want you to reveal any trade secrets but, do you get all the marvelous effects on your photos from something like Photo Shop?! I'm not playing with the big boys, I'm only using Photo Shop Elements 6. I LOVE your photos.

Dan Felstead said...
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Dan Felstead said...

A scattering...
No secrets here. I appreciate you asking. I use photoshop but photoshop elements will do most of the things that photoshop does with a few exceptions.

The process that sort of sets my photos apart is that they are processed as HDR (High Dynamic Range)photos. This is a marvelous process that gives the clarity and depth you see in these photos. I will email you offline with the details. Thanks for your comments and stop by the rest of the week for more car shots!


A Scattering said...

Thanks Dan, look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Felstead said... are welcomed...check your email.


septembermom said...

I see the "grin". There's personality in this car for sure. Love these photos. I'll show hubby tonight after work. It will make him nostalgic.

Dan Felstead said...

Tell you husband I said Hi and to tune in the rest of the week..I will have mean cars, roadsters and a hippy van!


Crazy Mo said...

What wonderful pictures, Dan! I especially love the previous shot ... the reflection of the grinning car is amazing. I'll be sure to show The Husband your pictures.

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Crazy is nice you all to show your spouses...I appreciate it!


Cynthia L. H. said...

Thank you, Dan, for your generosity! 1957 IS my lucky number.
This has been great fun and I feel very honored that my first piece of art from you will be a gift. It may take me another week to go back and narrow down my choices!
Thank you again...Congratulations again...and have a GREAT weekend!

Dan Felstead said...

Cynthia...take your time..just let me know when you have made your choice!


paint1chris said...

A wonderful photo of the car and a great contest. I came in a little late.
I nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blogger award. Details are on my blog. Follow the rules only if you wish. You deserve the award for your creativity. Take care.

Dan Felstead said... isn't's appreciation!


Dan Felstead said...

Thank Chris and I am headed over to your blog!