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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coming up in November, I will have been blogging for a year. This means that you and I will have walked through 4 seasons together.

As I was cutting the grass last weekend I noticed, even though it is mid August that a tree is beginning to loose it's leaves. It is by no means due to Autumns arrival but the lack of rain so typical here in August. This particular tree always looses it's leaves this time of year. However, looking out our back yard and the sight of leaves swirling in gusts of wind brought to mind the never ending cycle of seasonal change.

I have come to realize that I love each season...the palette of colors in the Fall, the first snow of Winter, the dogwoods in Spring and Summers' July 4th. But truly it is the change of seasons that I love. The transition from one to the next always brings around the memories of seasons past...the loved ones lost, new friends just met, the first day of school, the June wedding, the harvest festivals with their smells of firewood and apple butter.

I so appreciate the past but I also like transitions...moving from one stage to the next and the change of seasons always brings me back to this realization.

While summer has been great...I anticipate the transition to Autumn and the crisp air, the first sight of my breath as I step outside and the chance to reflect on Summer's memories.

It's not that far off.


Heather said...

And just like that, you have me ready for fall :)

Especially the crisp air, firewood and apple butter. That sounds fantastic.

Beautiful picture Dan.

Dan Felstead said...

Heather we went from the Twilight Zone to Autumn in one fell swoop! I am ready for got a taste of Autumn crisp air...I would imagine in Yellowstone at the higher elevations??


Heather said...

Oh - definitely. Was downright chilly at some elevations. I kept a light weight jacket in the car each day, because you just never knew what the day might hold, weather-wise. It was fantastic :)

shabby girl said...

BEAUTIFUL photo & sentiment. After no monsoon this year, I'm ready for cooler weather, but not full on autumn. Like I have any choice about that!

tricia said...

Beautiful colors in this shot. I'm ready for cooler weather, but it will be awhile before we get it.

Highton-Ridley said...

Like you I enjoy the display during the 'fall'. I occasionally visit Dartington Hall in the Autumn (Fall). They have a large planting of deciduous trees, selected from around the world specifically for the exact timing of their colour changes.

You end up with an ever changing display of gorgeous colour sweeping across the trees. (Note to self - why did I never think of going there with my camera? Watch this space!)

On your photo, maybe a bit oversaturated? The greens on the pine code bud (between the leaf 'fingers') are a bit over the top, imho.

septembermom said...

I'm looking forward to Autumn too. I do enjoy the change of seasons. I agree that it gives me the chance to transition to new paths for me. At least, I hope so :)

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...I read your post about the dry conditions in Arizona this year. Isn't August usually a bit more humid and wet than the rest of the year out there?


Dan Felstead said...

Tricia...we have some hot weather yet as well. Often for us it goes into mid September before we see the onset of cooler temps.


Dan Felstead said...


That is a great idea to have trees planted according the the change of season so the color palette continues for the entire season. I would love to see it. Perhaps this might be a time for a few color pics?


Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom, I agree...around our house...Autumn is always highly anticipated.


Lynda Lehmann said...

Dan, thanks for letting me know you are busy with other obligations. That was very thoughtful.

I am in a similar predicament, as we are still up to our necks with finishing this house. I may even close comments for the time being, and just post to keep my blog going, I don't know. It's so hard to juggle, and this project is a full time job, all consuming.

Dan Felstead said...

Lynda...I think this is a very busy time for many of us. For some it is getting the kids ready for back to school, others finishing up those summer projects. We will all get back to some type of normalcy soon I hope!


Ree said...

Well said! I look forward to fall also, my favorite, I think.

Dani said...

I love this post. I always lean toward nostalgic posts and you are so good at writing them! The change of seasons...truly they help us with memories. What a life it would be if we didn't have that seasonal change- to remember how it was last year.

Dan Felstead said...

Dani...I would imagine that you have some beautiful views out there when the seasons change!