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Thursday, August 13, 2009

For some it is clowns, for me it was mannequins.

As a young child, my imagination would always run away with visions of mannequins coming to life after the doors were locked, the lights turned off, the shoppers on their way home after a busy day in the city. I think it was because of the stories that were played out for me as I looked on...sometimes I would stare at the the mannequin to catch any movement that would bolster my theory. Take this theory and put your self in my shoes the day that I saw my first "live" window display. Unknowingly at that early age, the mannequins on that particular day were real peolple striking a pose. You can imagine my thoughts, the butterflies in my stomach when I caught an eye blink or a jugular vein pulse with a beating heart.

Running back to the safety of mom's outstretched hand...never telling anyone about what I had seen...knowing that my theory of the mannequins was true...they did come to life after I went home!


Heather said...

Love the lighting in this photo - it's so dramatic!

And I can see where that live display would've freaked you out!

Dan Felstead said... freaked me out! I think we all remember those times during childhood where...because we really didn't understand what was going on...often left us with an uneasy feeling. It could be something as simple as sitting on Santa's lap and noticing that his beard is coming off!


Cynthia L. H. said...

They DO!!!!
...and dolls, too.

tricia said...

So I'm not the only one who knows! ;)

(Great photo)

Dan Felstead said...

Cynthia and Tricia...Whew! Thanks so much for supporting my paranoia! Do you know that there are actually folks out there who do not believe that mannequins and dolls come alive when we are not looking at them!

Sorry, I can't write more right now, I have my weekly shrink appointment in 25 minutes.


~She Poet~ said...

The soft lighting is awesome in this, gives the photo an eerie feel as if they really will come to life. I can hear some creepy, crackling carnival music on a phonograph playing as these mannequins start turning their heads, smiling. What scares me even to this day are life-sized walking characters at the amusement park like Mickey Mouse or something. I guess everyone has a fear factor.

DawnTreader said...

Did you read the Harry Potter books? In the 5th book, the entrance to the magical world's hospital is through a shop window:

"Harry thought how absurd it was for Tonks to expect the dummy to hear her talking so quietly through a sheet of glass... Then he reminded himself that dummies couldn't hear anyway. Next second, his mouth opened in shock as the dummy gave a tiny nod and beckoned with its jointed finger..."

Dan Felstead said...

Along with clowns and mannequins...I have heard this as well about the mascots or Disney Characters. I think this is because even though they always have the smiling never know who is actually behind the mask and what their intentions are!


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...the scenario sounds familiar! I am a Narnia and Rings fan but have not read the Potter books...sounds like something I would like.


septembermom said...

Mannequins creep me out a bit too. Now my boys laugh about the headless ones in the stores now :) The lighting is intriguing in this photo.

Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...I don't like them either! Especially the live displays.


Kelly said...

...loved this post. I always thought that too!! Do you remember McAlpin's? When I was little (in the mid-late sixties), McAlpin's used to have "live" mannequins. I remember being there looking at a mannequin imagining it coming to life...and it did!!! I jumped and squeaked, and the mannequin smiled and waved at me. Those models would stand there not moving and then shift into another position. I had forgotten about that!!

Dan Felstead said...

Kelly freaked out by them as I was...I must admit it was amazing how still they could remain and you described it perfectly...ever so often they would gracefully shift their weight or position. I would almost get claustrophobia trying to do that!