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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strange how different seasons bring out different beauties.

I have passed by this house many times over the years. Never thought much about it...a simple clapboard house with minimal shrubbery or flowers in the Summer. However, during the past snow...I happened by it again.

As soon as I turned the corner I was stunned. Believe it or not...I had never really noticed the sycamore tree! With all greenery stripped away and nothing to compete for it's was as if the tree was so proudly on display for for anyone who passed. The matched upper white bark and the snow cover was nothing short of WOW!

It is always interesting to re visit areas that you think you know in different seasons of the will usually find a treasure hidden in plain sight!



DawnTreader said...

True - the seasons do make different things stand out. There is a book title in Swedish that I like and that the view from my own kitchen window in late autumn and winter often reminds me of... It would translate something like: "When the trees are defoliated, one sees farther from our kitchen window."

Sunny said...

Wow, what an impressive tree! It would make a great series of pictures to photograph it during each season.
Sunny :)

Simply Heather said...

I saw this little bitty thumbnail of a photo and it called out to me, Dan. There is something truly beautiful, something rare, about this photo and the tree. I could possibly just rest awhile and look at it.

Nice...your words and the photo, the tree. WOW.

jblack designs said...

There's a line in Anna Quindlen's book Black and Blue where the character, who had moved south, lamented the lack of snow in winter. I remember being struck by how her point that snow covers a multitude of sins.

But I guess it can reveal beauty, too. Great photo!

Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...that matches the photograph perfectly! Because that is exactly what happened. I have passed by this so many times and have never taken notice until now.


Dan Felstead said...

Sunny that is a great idea and I am going to do that! I will remind folks this spring when I take the next picture of it...that it was your idea!


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Heather...I also am drawn to posts in the same way. I will many times see a thumbnail on my dashboard and just have to click on it!


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Jennifer....the snow covers up but the falling leaves exposes! And you have a different point of view!


dianne said...

How beautiful, I love the house and the tree, in Winter they are both dressed in white ... the simplicity is actually, stunning. xo ♥

Indrayani said...

I am running out of appreciative commments for ur pics!!!
It gets better and better....
You know, since I am religiously following your blog, I notice more beauty around me, in my town as well..
and keep wondering if I can take up photography....
Maybe someday...!!!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Hi Dan!

Sycamores are gorgeous, for sure-- and all trees seem to have so much more drama when their "skeletons" are exposed.

This is a lovely winter shot of house and tree, appearing as a Unity of white and mottled white. A great winter capture!

Dan Felstead said... are right the white of the house, snow and tree is what caught my eye.


Dan Felstead said... are on the road to photography! Noticing your surroundings is a great step towrds nice pictures. Even in this "downtime" of dull skies and drab is there is you look.


Dan Felstead said...

Lynda...thank you so much. I agree...the overwhelming repetition of white is what struck me.


septembermom said...

Very true. The seasons can transform the most familiar.

Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...I would love the see the early spring leave on this tree right now!