Thursday, March 25, 2010

Early Morning belongs to the Farmer

All across this country as Winter moves to Spring...farms are once again illuminated in the early morning just after sunrise.

Having survived the hibernation of the long winter is being repaired, seed is purchased and plans are made that will not be complete until the fall harvest yet many months away.

So as you pass a barn this morning on the way to work...if you see the early lights on...give them a thumbs up and wish them luck for a fruitful growing season for it benefits us all.



Heather T. said...

Very nice, Dan. Yes, early morning belongs to the husband is still one on the inside :)

I love your photos these last few weeks, they have an illuminating quality with warmth.

The Muse said...

as an active farm family, thank you sincerely dan, for the homage paid to the farmers across this land.

there are times, this profession seems very unloved and forgotten.

may your day be bright and blessed.

Sunny said...

I love the angle of this picture. God Bless our farmers, for sure.
Sunny :)

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Heather...I am not a farmer but I have a lot of respect for those who make their livings off the land.


Dan Felstead said...

Muse...I am proud of you and your family...keep up the great work and know there are people who are grateful.


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks and I both like barns...even if there is just a little bit of a barn in a picture!


Nishant said...

I love your photos
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