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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Soon the equipment will again come to life

The rake sits in it's home turf waiting to be brought back to life...not having moved since last Summer. Soon the field will be teeming with green clover needing to be cut, raked and bailed in order to feed the horses and cattle through next winter.

The cycle never ends from one season to the next...there are steps that must be completed...only mother nature can break the chain...heavy flooding rains, high winds or drought may keep the rake from doing it's work but hopefully it will be a busy year for the old rake.



Sunny said...

A lovely scene with the promise of a new season of growth.
The farms around here are slowly 'springing' into action.
Sunny :)

Dan Felstead said...

Sunny I am glad that New England is finally "springing" into action!


Suicide Barbie said...

I just want to climb right into the middle of that image, lie down and stare at the sky. What a perfect place to day dream a little. Beautiful capture!

Dan Felstead said...

S. Barbie...The surroundings get better and better as the Spring comes into full bloom..we are not there yet.