Monday, April 26, 2010

Date Night....

The words Date Night on the marquee of a classic small town movie theater caught my eye.

These small towns off the beaten path are full of Americana at it's best. When you live in a small town such as these...the movie theater is still your ticket to the world outside of the city limits. With the internet, the movie theater doesn't hold as much magic for the residents as it used to. But I am sure that if one grew up in a town such as this...the memories of Date Night at the theater are some of the fondest memories of your youth.

I really liked the design of this old building...even down to the iconic ticket booth in the center.

There is one more picture that I want to be sure to catch while I still have sun...I have seen it many times before but never had the the time to take it's picture...a "round" barn. I will post it tomorrow.



septembermom said...

Classic American experience to sit in one of those great cinemas.

Dan Felstead said...

Yes, there are not so many of these left anymore!