Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunsets and Water Always Calm

I was drowning in emotional turmoil this past week and found myself at this sunset by the Ohio River at just the right time.

During the past week my father had a heart attack, a close colleague gave in to her battle with breast cancer, my cousin passed away and an 18 year old child (friend of the family) was hit by a drunk driver and killed instantly.

I woke up this morning and heard on the news that a wedding party of 40 were killed or injured by a bomb blast in Afghanistan. I realized upon hearing the news that I had to move forward and pain is something that we all must deal with.......

The wonders of life and all that comes with it must be taken with balance and perspective.

Have a peaceful Sunday and re-connect today with someone from your past.



BJ Roan said...

Sadly, illness and death of those we care about is a burden we must carry. I hope your father is much improved. Perfect post for today.

Doreen said...

life is hard at times. and leaves us with many wonders and whys. the image shows all that you are feeling.

Cynthia L. H. said...

I am sorry that you have been struggling. Life does get very intense at times. Nature does bring peace in images like this one. I seek out a place with water and sunsets when I'm needing to find some solace.
I hope that your Sunday is peaceful, as well, Dan, and that your connections today are uplifting and encouraging.

Sunny said...

I'm so sorry that you have had such an emotional week, Dan. Sometimes life is a bit overwhelming. I hope the coming days will bring you some peace and I pray that your Dad continues to feel better.
The golden sunset and calm water is a beautiful image.
☼ Sunny

shabby girl said...

Overwhelming, yes. So much to carry.
I pray that God lifts your weight, and your spirit. Maybe that's how you ended up in that beautiful sunset?
A great big hug, Dan!

septembermom said...

I'm so sorry for all that sadness Dan. I hope that your father is doing much better. Sending you a big hug, my friend.

That sunset is beautiful.

Hazydaisy said...

Beautiful calm image ,Dan- hope your father makes a great recovery and that life settles down a little for you.

Anonymous said...

Any word on how you do the treatment would be appreciated.

Sorry to learn of the bad news.

dianne said...

Dan dear, so sorry for all of the sadness you are struggling with at present, life does throw too much at us sometimes and we find it difficult to cope... sometimes things that happen are beyond our control,but you must not take to heart all the sadness of the world.
I hope that your Dad is much improved and will soon recover.
That image is so beautiful, one of Nature's daily wonders, I hope you found some peace and solace there.
Take care dear friend, a warm and caring hug (()) for you. xoxo ♡

Dan Felstead said...

BJ, Doreen, Cynthia, Sunny, Shabby Girl, Septembermom, Haizydaisy, Abraham and Dianne.....

Thank you so much for the support and kind words. I usually try to keep the personal stuff off the blog but last week was just a bit much and I had to let it out. Thanks for putting up with my random thoughts and my "thinking out loud"!

Most of the time I will try to keep the blog related to my photos. It is nice to have blogging friends that I can open up to....your thoughts are much appreciated.


DawnTreader said...

Dan, my turn to catch up... I hope this week has been a little better for you! Some things take their time to digest though. We always get hit harder emotionally by events that concern close family and friends, than by things happening far away to people who remain anonymous to us.