Saturday, June 12, 2010

Find an Adventure This Weekend

"May the wind take your trouble away!" Words from a song by Son Volt......a song about taking to the highway.

I hope you have a great Saturday and find a whole new perspective this weekend.



Cynthia L. H. said...

"Head out on the highway....
Lookin' for adventure...and whatever comes our way...
Born to be wild!
Born to be wild!!!"
;^) ;^) ;^0

Anonymous said...

God this stuff is beautiful. I have used Photoshop all my life and just got the new CS5 but don't think there is anything in it that will enable me to do things like this.

My brother in law got a program, years ago, when he bought a Kodak digital camera and it came with a program that would make things look similar to your work.

I really am flabbergasted at the Red Coats photograph. That, to me, is stunning no matter how you got it.

I would only be interested in knowing if these are show RAW or if you use a program and what it might be.

Dan Felstead said...

Cynthia! Sounds like you are a biker??? I have always thought it would be great to take out on a bike in the early spring just as the weather turns nice. However I must admit that I have always been scared of bikes...just to many accidents. But I think it would be great to try it sometime.


Dan Felstead said...

Abraham...first of all thank you for all the kind words! I visited your blog and have come to find out that Abraham Lincoln is your real name! How unique and I would imagine over the years you have some great stories about the name! You also have a very unique blog and nice photography as well.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I had a very hectic week last week. Yes I use photoshop as well and love the program. Many of the photos I shoot are post processed as HDR images (you can google HDR) for examples. That is often what gives the images the incredible detail and I also over saturate most of my pictures with high contrast added in.

For all of my landscape photos I use a Canon G9 and for the action shots I use a Nikon DSLR with a 55 to 200 mm lens or a 300 mm lens. I am going to upgrade to CS5. I skipped CS4 but there are some features in CS5 that I want. How do you like it?

Oh and yes I shoot 100% of all of my images in RAW. This gives such a wide spectrum of color and contrast. Thanks for the questions...I am always happy to talk about my photos!