Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big Sky in Southern Indiana...a rairity

The rolling hills are soothing to the nerves and pleasant to view but the drawback is that they often block panoramic views of the sky. When I travel outside of the Southern Indiana hills...only then do I realize what I am missing. This wide expanse is somewhat a rarity in the landscapes of my part of the world.

This image was taken on the same day as yesterday's post of the barn. It is just around a curve in the road. The entire day was filled with Summer's vistas and reminders of how landscapes are transformed with the maturing of the Seasons and how they least in the Midwest.



septembermom said...

It looks like the best location for one of those old MGM romantic movies!

DawnTreader said...

Lovely summer landscape!

Sunny said...

Oh beautiful for spacious skies.
What a lovely scene, you can see for miles.
☼ Sunny

Online Logo Design said...

WAOOO......! its seem like a 3D... :P awesome....!