Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's July....the return of the Classics!

First of all I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

It is Summer in the Midwest (one of the hottest Summers in a long time). And Summer seems to open the garage doors and once open...they begin to show up everywhere! As followers of the blog, you know that I have an addiction to photographing the classic cars. Not so much because of the cars themselves but for the subject matter...reflective paint and chrome beg to have their pictures taken.

I will scatter some of the cars on post throughout the Summer so you don't get bored with them day in and day out!

Time to get out there and give the old car a good waxing and cruise in for a milk shake.


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Sunny said...

In a nearby town, once a week during the summer they have a 'cruise night'...lots of old classics rumble down the street. I should take some pictures!
☼ Sunny