Sunday, July 11, 2010

There is actually a small town in Southern Indiana named Lincoln City....a small town where President Abraham Lincoln spent his boyhood.

This was taken on the path leading to his family farm just outside of Evansville where I live. In the background you can see his cabin and the grounds of the family farm. It would have been wonderful to grow up as a boy in such pristine and pastoral surroundings although we forget about the many hardships I am sure he had to face growing up. For Abraham Lincoln, this farm would have bittersweet memories for his mother died while living here of Milk Fever. A plant frew wild in this area at the time and when the cows ate it...the milk became contaminated and many people died before the weed was controlled.

Have a great Sunday and I hope your Summer is going well.



Lizzie said...

Dan I love this photo. How amazing to be able to live so near to so much history....

shabby girl said...

Lovely scene. And, as usual, I've learned something from your narrative. Milk fever from cows eating wild plants? This world could be a dangerous place, in a much different way back then.

Sunny said...

I love stepping back in time through your pictures. What beautiful scenery :)
☼ Sunny