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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Begginings of Restoration with a Sense of Pride

I came across this stately old house last week and had to stop for a picture.

At first I thought the house was abandoned but two aspects of the house changed my mind. I noticed the brand new bright green metal roof and the flag on the old rusted mailbox was raised...a sign of a newly written letter was awaiting pickup by the mailman.

It occurred to me that this old house must be so happy to have someone care enough after all these years to restore it to health. I'm sure she is proud of it's new roof and is anticipating the face lift it is about to receive.

Back at the I looked at the old house it almost took on a real personality when it showed up in Photoshop. I thought I would take some creative liberty and let her personality show through...the second picture is how I see the proud old lady and her new hairdo! IF you look at the 2nd picture compared to the will see her with a look of surprise and wonder at her face lift.



Heather said...

What a lovely old house... so much character, and I love how you gave it such a human quality, with that new "hairdo" and "look of surprise!"

Sunny said...

Oh you are so creative! It's always been a dream of mine to restore a lovely old house like this.
Maybe you will do future posts of this grand old place?
☼ Sunny

Jamie said...

If I had unlimited time, money and skill I'd want a house just like this to fix up. You captured it beautifully.

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks is how I saw the house and had to give it a try.


Dan Felstead said...

Sunny, I will revisit it in 3 months or so and see if there are any changes..If so...I will post an update.


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Jamie...our first house was an old farmhouse that was in bad need of repairs but we didn't have the money to do it justice...38 years later...I wish I had that old house now.