Friday, August 13, 2010

The Tavern at Defiance

Heading south out of St. Louis there is a small two lane - Highway 94. It meanders through the rolling hills and for quite a while mirrors the slow moving Missouri River.

If you stay on 94 for about 30 miles you abruptly come upon almost a 90 degree left turn. And on that curve is the Tavern at Defiance. I always thought that "Defiance" was a great name for a small town (actually a very small town).

The claim to fame for this wide spot in the road is two fold...The Tavern and the KATY trail crossing. The KATY is actually a State Park but unlike other state parks...this one is 7 feet wide and 200 miles long! It is a perfectly cared for bike trail that leads from St. Charles Missouri to Kansas City...200 mile away. It follows an old railroad bed so there are no steep grades for the entire trail. It is a perfect bike trail. I had a dream when we lived in St. Louis but never saw it seemed to get in the way. I wanted to bike the entire trail with my son Zack and document the trail by photographs. The great thing about it is that it flows past various bed and breakfast inns along the way. So you can stop for the night at a local inn for sleep and refreshments. Often those refreshments are samplings of the local wines. This is the Wine Country of Missouri.

The other claim to fame for Defiance is the Tavern. It is a bikers paradise and also a great place to spend these hot Summer evenings having a few beers and listening to the local county rock bands out of St. Louis. If you are a up and coming country rock band out of St. have put in your time and paid your dues at the Tavern. Often raucous...but less than dangerous...this is a true American Roadhouse Tavern. A suit or even anything other than jeans is way out of place here...but one thing for sure...once you will be back.



Sunny said...

I'm always nervous in a parking lot with a lot of motorcycles...I have this dread of bumping one and starting a chain dominos!
There are hundreds of motorcycles in our area on the weekends...out for a country ride!
Hope your weekend is delightful.
☼ Sunny
P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Dan Felstead said...

Sunny I never thought of would be quite embarrassing!


jand44 said...

Your photos always make me want to be there...wherever "there" is.

Dan Felstead said...

J...thank you so much...I wish I could gather up all the readers of the blog and take them with me! Together we could really come up with some great ideas for photos!