Friday, September 10, 2010

First to Depart

In the late Spring I posted a picture of a hummingbird and titled it "First to Arrive". She was the first Hummingbird to visit or revisit us this year. They tell me that pairs mate for life and often return to the same feeding area each Spring at the end of their long migration north. That is always a glorious day when the first sighting of our humming birds arrive.

With Summer now on the wane...the male above has not been seen for a few days and I fear that he has begun to ready himself for the trip South...I think he is the "First to Depart". Bon Voyage mon ami...until next Spring. As the Summer progresses...the trust always grows and by the end of the Season I can get much closer to them. This was taken without a telephoto unlike the photos taken in the Spring.

Thanks for the photos my friend and see you next travels to South America.



Sunny said...

I hate to see our birdie friends leave...I have such mixed emotions as the seasons change. I love the thought of Autumn and its lovely crisp days but then comes winter which I like for about two weeks! Oh well, we'll just have to look forward to our feathered friend's return.
☼ Sunny

Dan Felstead said...

Sunny I like the change of Seasons as well but our Winter doesn't last as long as yours and I can't say that disappointments me!