Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Remembrance...

I am re posting a photo uploaded last year in remembrance of the horrific day on a crystal clear bright morning 9 years ago. The picture was taken in December of 2001. I was in New Jersey just across the Hudson at this vantage point, attending a training class for the company I worked for on that fatal day in September of 2001. The trauma of that day is burned into my memory and will never be forgotten. However, this photograph was taken a mere three months later on a return visit to see ground zero. As we know by now, it has taken 9 years to return to the New York City that we knew then. But by December of 2001, the lights were on, the limos and taxis were booked, the hustle and bustle had returned and the resilience of New Yorkers was a testament to the heroes on that day. I am in love with the city and am so proud of the locals and how they returned to rebuild. Thank you New York and Godspeed.


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