Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Gathering at day's end....

Each year on the first evening of the Revolutionary War re-enactment twilight means the gathering on the commons of Grouseland. The home of of William Henry Harrison...first governor of the Indiana territory and the 9th President of the United States.

We are drawn each year by the aroma of the wood cooking fires and beautiful sight of the Harrison Homeplace. On the attached commons under the sprawling Oaks and Maples is the feast for the evening. A place for good cheer, discussion of the days events in character and to watch the Governor's Ball. The minuets and waltzes in costume complete the always perfect day.

As I saw this picture again, I am reminded of the last light of evening on the commons and the end of Summer. Last week officially began Autumn by the calendar. The warm summer evenings under the Oaks and Maples will have to again wait until next year.


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shabby girl said...

Just something about wood fires that touch the heart of who we are. No matter how technical we become, there is no smell that can touch us like that!
Hope all is well with you. Big hugs, my friend!