Friday, June 17, 2011


Normally a coffeehouse is quiet conversation, mellow jazz or acoustic folk...perhaps a good book or just "being there" with a close friend.

On this particular summer evening, she was the only person in the music, no hushed conversations echoing from the corners of the room as usual. The only sound was the occasional rush of air from the air conditioner. I am always curious as to the whys or wherefores but on this night I didn't disturb her other than the "thank you" for her permission to take her picture...and her return of an ever so slight smile as I left.



shabby girl said...

I do love the coffeehouse shots! They do create a story, don't they?

Dan Felstead said...

Yes they do shabbygirl. When I came across this picture I took a few months sort of summed up my feelings after dad's passing. is so final.