Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stars were Aligned....

From my last post of Chicago to a perfect evening in San Diego. It was one of those rare times when the stars were aligned. They don't occur all that often. You have had them though. For no apparent reason the evening begins just as any other but you soon find yourself in that perfect spot, that perfect small Italian restaurant with a couple of very close friends and the night was memorable on so many levels.

When I was working at my old job, I often made the trip from the Midwest to the east or west coast. This night I found myself in southern California at just the right time and right place. Even though it was officially work...at the same time it was officially wonderful.



Miquel said...

UUUUUuuuaaaaauuuuu!! what a beautiful evenin, Congratulatios for de aling of stars!!!

Dan Felstead said...

Miguel...great to hear from you again! Thanks for the kind words. It truly was a beautiful night.