Monday, June 27, 2011

Workhorses...Pillars of Strength and Pride

Summer and county fairs go hand in hand in the Midwest.

At most of the county fairs in this area....on a given Friday night...the sound of diesels and cheering crowds watching the black smoke billowing out of the chrome plated stacks are part of the truck pull midwest landscape.

On a recent visit to a large Amish settlement not far from where I live, I witnessed a truly unique event. The Amish version of the Truck Pull. Since the Amish do not use gasoline or electrically powered equipment, the pulling was proudly done by huge Belgian and Percheron workhorses....workhorses that were bred for this purpose. There were still cheering crowds but without the black rolling diesel smoke. the noise of the diesels was replaced by air rushing from flared nostrils and the shining chrome plated exhaust pipes took a back seat to the bright silver plated well worn leather harnesses.


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shabby girl said...

Beautiful animals. I would much prefer watching them over a truck pull anyday!
Gorgeous photos as usual!