Sunday, February 1, 2009

In my post about the tomato cages, I mentioned the Tree Grove. The Tree Grove stands about a quarter of a mile from our house. It erupts from the middle of an open field with nothing but rolling hills all around. At some point in time a farmer must have left this standing to shelter and shade his livestock. With the onslaught of the Ice Storm it stood out as never before. I made the trek there this morning at sunrise. What a show it was! The sun to the east behind the grove was the harbinger of things to come. Surrounded by a completely white and gray field, the Tree Grove was engulfed in color. Proudly showing off it's crystalline branches for one last time. The warmth of the sun was already returning the Tree Grove back to the whites, grays, browns and blacks of Winter. Knowing this would be the last day for it to glow brighter than anything around it, I wanted to preserve it's day in the limelight. Little does the Tree Grove know that people all around the world will see it's 15 minutes of fame! As I stood watching the drip... drip... drip.. of it's crystalline skeleton break into pieces and fall to the ground, I thought this would be a great watercolor. With the only tools at my disposal...I tried to paint with here is photographic version of a watercolor in winter.

I returned this evening and the transformation was complete. No more bent branches under the weight of the ice...only the Tree Grove as it stood just 4 days ago...fading into the empty field where it lives. Like the pumpkin carriage at midnight, it's fairytale had come to an end.


_we_the_pieces_ said...

what an amazing photo.
it's just like, breath taking.
the colors, they're just so... amazing..? is that the right word?
the writing is also, very good.
i especially like the last sentence
"Like the pumpkin carriage at midnight, it's fairytale had come to an end."

Sacha van Straten said...

HI Dan,

Fantastic imagery and words once again.

Here in Southern England we've been hit overnight by about 10 inches of snow, that blew in from Russia, via the North Sea.

Most roads are blocked, so school's off for today! I'm donning my old flying suit and heading out to take some stills shortly, but as I had one of my cheap Flip camcorders with me I decided to shoot a little bit of the snow falling. so that I could play with the new version of iMovie.

I've popped the end result on Youtube, which kind of throttles the images with its compression.

Still, you can check it out at:

I'll pop some pix up on Flickr in a coupe of hours.

Take care and keep warm!


Dan Felstead said...

Molly...stay out there in would go through culture shock stepping into the Midwest right now!!! Thanks for the comments.


Dan Felstead said...

I looked at the video and that is really neat how you start at the "page" of pics and move to the video. Looks you you got inundated as well with the snow! I also looked at some of your other videos. I would love to have a job where my main focus was technology and are really lucky!