Monday, July 12, 2010

The Golden Hour

Two reasons for posting this image take a break from the Summer heat and to illustrate "The Golden Hour" in photography.

As I was looking through images to post today, I came across this image taken during our last trip to the Smoky mountains in October. I can remember the musty smells of falling leaves, the sound of the stream gurgling...almost dry this time of year and the early bite of Autumn crispness in the air.

The picture was taken during the "Golden Hour" referenced above. The link will take you a more in depth description of the Golden Hour in photography. The yellow of the early turning leaves in the Mountains are highlighted at this time of day with the sun behind them almost making them translucent in the glow of late afternoon - October. I have mentioned this before but this is without a doubt my favorite time for photographs. The hectic day has passed, the sounds of the forest have subsided to almost a whisper and the setting sun showing nature once more at it's most beautiful just before nightfall.



septembermom said...

It's like a lovely painting. Thanks Dan.

shabby girl said...

It's so beautiful isn't it? I didn't know there was a specific term for it, but have always loved that lighting.

Steve Gravano said...

October, yea, some of that cool October weather would be nice for an hour or two. Beautiful photo.

dianne said...

It is a glorious photo Dan, something magical about that golden light and I love the crisp feel in the air and scent of the Autumnal forest.
xoxoxo ♡

Sunny said...

I am very fortunate to say that this looks like the view from my window in autumn.
I love the term 'Golden Hour', it sounds totally magical, just like your picture :)
☼ Sunny

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning colors. Thank you for a little taste of fall this morning. As much as I love summer days, I do miss those crisp days in the autumn woods. Gorgeous shot Dan.

Oh, and Sunny -- I'm jealous of your view. How do you feel about visitors? I'll mark my calendar for October, k?? :)