Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Big Chill

Today begins a Big Chill weekend.

Today I am doing something I have wanted to do for up with my four college roommates at Purdue. We were 5 peas in a close as brothers. It is back to school weekend and the parents will be dropping of the students...a time of letting go for the both the kids and the parents. We have not been together as a group for 40 years! The last time we were together...we looked like this. The five of us did OK I guess...out of this motley crew emerged a wildlife biologist, a photographer, an operations director at a University, a Jeweler/Guitar maker and a politician.

The top picture is me in 1970 while I was hitchhiking across Europe with the guy at the bottom of the 2nd picture...Melon. We called him Melon because he had a head the size of a watermelon...funny how nicknames stick...I still call him Melon. Someday I will tell you my is a bit embarrassing! I am on the right in the bottom picture. As you can tell by the wonderful decor of our apartment with the tie dyed sheets for curtains...I went to college in the late 60's - early 70's. WOW...what a time to be in college. One unique bit of trivia about the group...All 5 of us are still married to the same wives we dated in college! Unheard of in today's throw away society.

In the top picture...I am sporting a new tooth...a tooth that was broken off one night when I had a bit to drink and misjudged a door...walked right into the door facing. I don't know how I ever survived those days but now as I look was a period in my life that was transforming to say the least.

I will report back next week with some pictures and some least the ones I can put on a family friendly blog.

Hope your weekend is void of bummers...far out...and most of all Peace! (I am holding up the peace sign to you).

Stump (well there you have nickname)


Heather T. said...

I love the personal posts, Dan. So warming to see you as a young man....what wonderful memories to share with each other as you get together.

I loved this post.

Be blessed ♥ and will look forward to your follow up.

(I knew which one was you in that bottom shot)

Doreen said...

how fun to see these pics. and many memories for you. so Stump..... why did you get that nickname?

your pics now should be lots of fun to see.

I have moved my photo blog with my other site. moved your blog link there also.

dianne said...

What a lovely post Dan and how nice to catch up with those college friends, I'm sure it will be lots of fun, plenty of stories and memories to share.
How cute you are in both photos!
xoxoxo ♡

DawnTreader said...

Isn't it an odd feeling to look at old pictures of oneself. So familiar and then you pass a mirror and wonder who was that...? ;) Hope you have a great time with your friends. Old friends is a gift to be treasured indeed.

Sunny said...

Your picture made me do a double take! You look so much like someone I went to school with.
I hope you have/had a great time with your friends and hopefully you don't feel like Horace! (Monday's post).
☼ Sunny

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Heather! I am back and had a great time...sadly I was so caught up in catching up with everyone that I didn't get many pictures...only took about 5 or 6. Can you believe that!


Dan Felstead said...

Thank you so much Doreen for keeping me linked up...I appreciate it. The reason for "Stump" was that all my other roommates were close to 6 feet tall or taller and there I was at 5'6" just a "Stump" among the Redwoods!


Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Diane...I am blushing!


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader....thanks...I had a GREAT time. The only downside was that 2 of the 5 didn't show...had other commitments. We are trying to get with them as soon as we can.

It was a banner weekend however!


Dan Felstead said...

Sunny...after I comment here...I m headed to check out Horace!

I thought you were going to say that I looked just like Brad Pitt...I am crushed!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this look into your life!! And your friend Melon looks JUST LIKE a guy a know. Seriously, it's almost scary. He doesn't have a mustache, but he does sport the longer hair. I had to do a double take when I saw the picture!

Dan Felstead said...

Alabama Heather! They say everyone has a twin...maybe this is him! Thanks for the interesting comment and thanks for stopping by again...always great to hear from you.